Golden Sponsor

  1. Assigning the status of the Golden Sponsor of ATOMEXPO 2017 Forum;
  2. During the exhibition:
    • placement of a mobile exhibition stand in the display zone at the exhibition (materials and constructions shall be provided by the Sponsor, upon agreement with the Organizer, and in accordance with technical requirements, the dimensions of the stand shall not exceed 12 sq. m.);
    • showing of a promotional video of the Sponsor on wide screens (mute, the time of the video shall not exceed 45 seconds, for not less than 18 times per day, the video shall be provided by the Sponsor);
    • granting of a 10% discount to the Sponsor for use of the exclusive stand area or standard stand area;
  3. During the congress:
    • enclosing of the Sponsor's advertising materials in information packages for the mass media and portfolios for participants of the Forum's Business Program (the materials shall be provided by the Sponsor, the quantity and the format of the materials shall be agreed with the Organizer);
    • provision of 1 VIP badge and 2 delegate's badges allowing free admission to all Forum events;
  4. Placement of the logo and/or mentioning the Sponsor in printed and advertising materials:
    • on exhibition invitation cards (not less than 4,000 pcs,);
    • in the Official Catalog of the Forum:
      - in section "Sponsors of the Forum" with indication of the status (number of copies: 1,000 pcs,);
      - placement of a full-color advertising module in the Official Catalog of the Forum (2 broadsides or a center spread, number of copies: 1,000 pcs.);
      - detailed information about the company's activities in the Russian and English languages, in the Official Catalog of the Forum (not more than 3,000 symbols, number of copies: 1,000 pcs.);
    • on advertising surfaces located on the territory of the Forum inside and outside;
    • at the official web-site of the Forum, with hyper link to the Sponsor's web-site;
    • in press releases of the Forum issued by Atomexpo LLC;
    • Sponsor announcement with indication of its status in social networks Twitter, Facebook, as well as in information letters about the Forum, distributed via e-mail during the entire period of the Forum PR-campaign (not less than 3 letters, in accordance with the mailing list of 6,000 contacts);
    • mentioning of the Sponsor in the Official Summation of Forum Events (number of copies: 1,000 pcs.).

Price: 33,000 EUROS*
*All prices include 18% VAT.