Sponsor of the Registration Zone

Exclusive position

The registration zone is a strategically important object, in terms of reaching the target audience. At the registration desk, visitors will receive name badges, and the participants of the Business Program (the Delegates) will receive portfolios with Forum information materials, promotional materials provided by the Sponsors and promotional gifts.
Registration is mandatory for all participants of the Forum, exhibition participants and delegates. In 2016, more than 5,000 people visited the Forum.

  1. Assigning the status of Sponsor of the Registration Zone of ATOMEXPO 2017 Forum;
  2. During the exhibition: placement of advertising constructions in the visitors registration zone (the constructions shall be provided by the Sponsor, upon agreement with the Organizer, and in accordance with technical requirements);
  3. During the congress:handover of the Sponsor's advertising materials at the registration desk to every visitor of the Forum (the materials shall be provided by the Sponsor, the quantity and format of the materials shall be agreed with the Organizer) and/or providing an opportunity for Sponsor's promoter to work at the exhibition;provision of 1 delegate's badge allowing free admission to all Forum events;
  4. Placement of the logo and/or mentioning the Sponsor in printed and advertising materials:
    • in the Official Catalog of the Forum:
      - in section "Sponsors of the Forum" with indication of the status (number of copies: 1,000 pcs,);
      - placement of a full-color advertising module in the Official Catalog of the Forum (1 broadside, number of copies: 1,000 pcs.);
    • on inside and outside advertising surfaces located in the registration zone of the Forum;
    • at the official web-site of the Forum http://2017.atomexpo.ru/, with hyper link to the Sponsor's web-site;
    • on registration forms and electronic tickets for exhibition visitors;
    • in press releases of the Forum issued by Atomexpo LLC;
    • mentioning of the Sponsor in the Official Summation of Forum Events (number of copies: 1,000 pcs.).

Price: 13,500 EUROS*
*All prices include 18% VAT.